You’re Not Crazy, But You’re Chakras Are!

Restlessness , Anxiety , Excitement … Time to come down to Planet Earth and Check In with your 7 Chakras 
Coming back down to planet earth in need of some serious grounding. Not sure what triggered this restlessness and flood of inspiration, maybe it was the discovery of ice coffees in Costa Rica and I am getting used to the caffeine hit, or maybe the fact I am recovering from some Jet lag after 1 month of travel 7 flights and totally different time zones, I am asleep at 9pm wide awake at 3pm and ready to roar. But I think its something a little deeper, the beautiful thing with being inspired is that it can sometimes shake your entire being. The best writers and creatives can get their ideas at 2am, and so even though i know these early rises wont last i am secretly loving the beautiful ideas, wisdom and guidance that arises from this state. When i am awake i am writing, planning, pitching but not taking action as i want to commit when i am grounded but using this fire ball energy to allow my creativity and imagination to flourish. 
I think its important to acknowledge all your emotions, your allowed to be flipping happy and maybe a touch manic if thats how your body needs to process (just be wise with your decisions in that state, don’t over commit and check in with a friend about your ideas and stay grounded) your also allowed to be sad and get grumpy, your allowed to be tired and when your around your true friends and family you can just be yourself switch on that relaxed face (resting bitch face) stop forcing the smile or frowning your head just surrender and know that you don’t need to put on a show, live up to expectations just let yourself be.
you are not your pain, you are not your “Label” !!!
I can see why back in 2014 the doctors diagnosed me with Bipolar , I was on cloud 9 and over committed to every thing, I was addicted to saying YES and I was so excited about every single project that I lost some sleep. You cant keep that shit up, its very dangerous and i learnt the hard way. Sleep deprivation over a period time can lead to sadness, depression and even suicide and for me thats the road I had to take in that moment in my life. Event though it was a painful lesson , it was the growing pain i needed so i could lean how to love myself again, to be balanced and to really see who would show up in my life as a true friend.
Just because you have a diagnosis does not mean its true, in fact my diagnosis is 100% false. I am NOT Bipolar i am human and I am allowed to feel without being judged and so are YOU!!
I don’t need to convince any one of my sanity because I know what is true and that doctor who reviewed me for 1 hour only saw the text book stuff and i was soooo close to living with that limiting belief that toxic label but instead i said FUCK THAT, I am doing me.
After visiting my energy healer, she aligned me and clearing my energy, balanced my chakras and saved my life in a way. I became to know that other peoples energy can be latched onto you causing you to feel differently. Its healthy on a regular basis clean and purify your energy field.
Ok its time, lets shift the shit and balance them chakras baby!!!
I have created a Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation to help you ground yourself wash away anything that no longer serves you.
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