Why Letting Go Is So Life Changing

When all else fails, allow your soul to surrender…

We have a tendency to try and force an out come, we try to control how we want a certain situations to unfold. We build it up in our mind to be this huge ordeal but when things go a different way, you are then left feeling depleted and unmotivated, some times sick, filled with stress and anxiety and unable to push through or continue to think positively for the future. We hold on to fears, the heart break and the misfortune and instead of letting it go we cart it around with us and it starts to fill our minds and manifests into our bodies.

  • How much Shit Stuff are you carting around?
  • How is holding on to the past helping you move forward?
  • Do you often compare your self to others, and put your self down?
  • Have you been through a hard time and its now your story you tell your self that only holds you back?
  • Do you have the same excuses and limiting beliefs from past trauma or experience?
  • Is there a person or people in your life, who no longer fit the criteria to be a loving compassionate friend or partner? and do you have negative feelings towards him/her ?
  • Do you constantly ask your self, “What If” ?
Its more than likely you have nodded along and said yes to at least one of these questions, and thats totally normal, you are only human and us humans need to constantly check in with our self every now and then so we can shift the shit. So now its time to drop the attachments, the fears, the (I am not good enoughs), and all the rest of the icky, heavy and unnecessary bull shit you have been carrying around. Release it, Surrender and let it GO.
Letting Go does not mean giving in, or giving up…
When you choose to surrender to those inner thoughts and controlling ways you are telling the universe that all the energy that you have been holding onto no longer serves a purpose and you now let go of the negative pull that has been bringing you down. The universe responds in a loving way by showering you with love when you need it and allowing you space to lighten your load and step into freedom.
Letting go does NOT mean you are giving up, or giving in. It simply means handing it over to a high power and letting the angles, spirits, god, universe, what ever you like to call it be in control now. You are saying “Let it Be”.
“What ever is good for you wont go past you, and what has gone past you was not meant for you”
Grab your journal and jot down a list of all the things you want to let go of in return for some peace and clarity and inner divine guidance. Here are some examples to get your mind rolling…
  •  I let go of not getting the job
  • I let go of my past relationships and all the hurt it caused
  • I let go of trying to be perfect
  • I let go of all the nasty thoughts about my self
  • I let go of the fact he is not writing back
  • I let go of the need to control my boss
  • I let go of the need to be popular and loved
The ego wants to hold on to every thing tight and the thought of letting go may cause you to have a nervous break down as we attach ourselves to a thought, a situation and people, when we let that go it can be scary but if you embrace it and send the ego self on a hike then beauty unfolds and only then will the universe be able to respond to your true desires.
Remember the universe is on your side, it is not trying to fight against you. However at times it may feel that way and its only because your making it hard for your self. When you worry, complain, bitch, whinge and stress the universe can not hear your messages of your true desires clearly so in result they send back more of the same. By simply LETTING GO, you have open up new fresh ocean aired doors of your own life and they are allowing you to walk on through.
How Surrendering Let Me Be Free…
Last Year I was in hospital (read my about me). It was a tough time, it was the place that went against the grain of my teachings and in this place i had to open my heart and surrender. Entering the hospital i had a busy schedule and the ego was taking over big time, wanting to achieve and succeed in my business straight away and it ended with me having massive adrenal fatigue and a diagnosis of a mental illness. So from going from busy to dropping all commitments and surrendering in hospital was a huge shift and it showed me how much we all need to take time out for our self.
After I left hospital i was back to square one with no job and a new home. After weeks of surrender i was back to reality and oh boy was it overwhelming. The Ego mind came in as i would go have lunches with my girlfriends and we would all talk about what we are doing how was work and I was hiding in my seat, sinking back thinking “oh shit, I got nothing to give”. I remember this urgency of finding a job and it took over my body. For hours i would look on seek and ask any one i knew if they were hiring. I was turning away from my true passion of teaching and healing just because i wanted and needed money and the ego status that i have my shit together.
After a while this got exhausting and then i saw a simple quote from my girl Gabrielle Bernstein that said : “I Surrender it ALL”. I was like WOW, huh i hear ya. I need to let go of this urgency, i am telling the universe that i am desperate and in return was getting unsuccessful job applications.
So i said to the universe one night while i was journaling under a full moon.
“Dear Universe, I let go. I know you have bigger plans for me and so I choose to be open to your opportunities and universal gifts. I am done with searching, I want to teach yoga, I want to work with people i love, I want to wake up every day and be inspired to go to work. I don’t want to tire myself out before i even enter the work force again. So universe just a heads up I am letting go of the urgency of getting a job. I am excited to see what you have in store for me and cant wait to do work that i love”
After I journaled i made a commitment to myself to stop checking my emails and phone and just keep on living and breathing just knowing that things will work out.
And it did work out. The next morning i woke up and my mum joined me for breakfast and was filled with excitement as she had a great idea. She said “how about you open a yoga studio from home, we have plenty of space and you can teach and health coach from there”. I said HELL YES!! and that was just one Miracle. On the same day my girl friend messages me saying her work is hiring for casual staff that fits right in with my schedule. and again i said HELL YESS.
The moment i dropped the control and let it all go i had to beautiful miracles enter my world and was an answer to my prayers. So just remember to always believe and you will receive.
Release + Letting Go Work Shops: 
My Release and Let Go Work Shop on the 18th of March has now been sold out. I am now receiving emails to potentially do a second work shop on the 25th of March. If i get enough interest i would love to take you through a heart opening meditation, yoga class and talk where we can make some real shifts to start to create a kick ass life.
Email me: mirrormymanifest@gmail.com | if you are interested on the 25th March.