Vegan Skin Care- How I Feed My Skin With Love and What I Use

Me and my skin have battled together through some rough times of bad acne, black heads and scaring and finally after years of being so self conscious of my skin and wanting to lather the foundation on rather than going bare face in fear of being seen with the lumps and bumps, i have finally stepped into my own and it feels oh so good!! It was a journey of self love, i literally had to fall in love with my skin in all its flaws and gave affirmations of love with every bump that decided to form. I did the inner self love work, and I was on the hunt for products that would heal my skin not strip it away, i found products that did just that and so happy to share, but first, this is my number 1 tip for glowing skin…

Number 1 Tip To Having Glowing Skin:

Diet matters!! No i will not tell you what foods will make you glow and what to eat and what not to eat, its not about that, as our bodies are wired differently and one persons food can be another persons poison. Its just listening to your body, and your biggest organ (your skin) and seeing what makes it flare up and what makes it shine bright, crowed out the bad stuff like sugar and excessive amounts of salt and just crown in whole foods, fresh veggies, fruit, juices, nourishing rich foods so you start healing from the inside out!! And do not forget WATER, drinking water hydrates your skin, it flushes out the toxins and its a total must.


Delicious Skin// Vegan Skincare That Loves You back :


The moment I opened my first jar of a Delicious Skin Product, my mouth dropped and the words “Oh My GOD” came out as i inhaled the most incredible smell of cocoa and mint. I instantly had to wipe off all my makeup, run a bath and gave myself a self loving pampering session. Lets talk about a product that lovingly melts onto your skin and its like you can hear a million little angels saying “Hallelujah”, finally a product with no hidden nasties and one that you can actually eat!!

The Taster Pack is perfect for a beginner user as you get to try a variety of products and its only $42.00 : Click Here To Buy Now

All of the products are 100% Vegan + 100% Natural and is Cruelty Free Accredited, that means tested on people NOT animals, and way better for the skin. I have noticed that using these products my face is more hydrated and less dry (Thats a huge deal for me in winter), I also have no pimples or build ups and it leaves my face smelling like a peppermint chocolate cake that confuses my boyfriend like crazy.. “BF: I just saw you brush your teeth why do you smell like i could eat you up” hahaha .

What the Taster Pack includes: 

  • Deliciously Clean Butter Cleanser
  • Deliciously Supple Silk Serum
  • Deliciously Soft Moisturising Cream
  • Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Deliciously Silky Salve

I got talking to the creator behind the brand Nicola, and i asked her what her vision for Delicious Skin was all about…

“Delicious skin was born out of necessity to find something that was affordable, amazing and all with high moral standards. I wanted to use something on my skin which followed the same lines of what I choose to eat. Natural, organic where possible, minimally processed, and a short list of understandable ingredients. It comes from the philosophy that if you give your skin the nutrients it needs it will be better able to heal, repair and be the best it can be which is why many products contain up to 90% water as a filler and none of our facial range does- just whole nourishing ingredients which of course smell delicious! We choose glass jars which are recyclable and all vegan and cruelty free ingredients. But we also wanted to come from a place of loving yourself, and not looking at your skin as something which needs to be fixed, but a part of you which is worthy of time and love. It really is part of my morning me time ritual, and once a week I make time for a face mask and a good book! I look forward to these things and I flourish when I allow that time for self care. Nourish your skin. Nourish your soul. Be Delicious! xoxo Nicola Marie


Neek // Nourishing Lippy Love :

I would like to introduce to you a Lipstick that loves you back, this is the first lipstick that did not dry out my lips, instead it replenished it with moisture and plumped them up naturally and thats all thanks to Neek Skin Organics.

The Neek Lipsticks comes in a variety of colours, my most favourite colour is the “Come Into My World” shade, $38.00 Click Here To Buy Now . Its a nude with a slight pink tone that looks natural and for every day wear. The lipsticks have a beautiful nourishing base of Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to create such a smooth and silky texture when you apply it, it is very long lasting and once you take it off at the end of the day your lips feel soft and ever so kissable, I highly recommend!!

Neek also make 100% Natural products and are Vegan as they only use the very best for your skin!!

If you are on the constant roller-coster of your own skin care problems from pimples, to scaring and beyond i highly recommend these 100% natural and 100% vegan products, as they will fill each fibre with so much love and you will have radiant looking skin that glows. You must try it for yourself to find out.

Nicola xo