Dear Nicola, just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing yoga classes you provide. I’ve honestly never been to any other yoga class where I have felt so relaxed and at ease. The ambience when you walk into the room with the candles, salt lamp and beautiful scents automatically put me at ease. All the little extras you put into your class like the little gifts from time to time and massage like adjustments (my fave) go to show just how much you truly care about your clients. I really look forward to my yoga classes with you and learning new things each week, you certainly are a beautiful and talented chick!

Whitney Shields

Health Coaching with Nicola is true surrender; it’s letting go of all the crap and creating space for positive thoughts and energy. Nicola has introduced me to the wonderful world of self love and gratitude. Plus she is super fun, understanding and full of pure brilliance! I cannot speak highly enough of Nicola, she has the ability make you feel absolutely on top of the world. I am proud to say i totally love myself and am so happy with the person that i am and the journey i am on. And that’s all thanks to Nicola. What a beautiful soul, like no other!

Sarah Puckeridge

I initially attended yoga with Nicola to alleviate the symptomatic pain from a back injury. Since continuing my practice and expanding from private lessons, to Yin yoga and finally into Hatha I have achieved more mentally and physically then I would have thought possible, even before my injury. Nicola is a profoundly inspiring and down to earth teacher who offers a real connection to a spiritual practice; one that through her expertise and unique approach provides lasting benefits long after leaving her beautiful studio.

Claire Hobbs

Nicola has completely changed my way of life. Her yoga is not only a class, it clears the mind, body and soul. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Rachel Pitt

Nicola is one of the most talented Yoga teachers I have ever graduated from the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training. She simply shares her love and passion for healing through Yoga. Her classes are fun and spontaneous. They help her students release old patterns that they don’t need anymore. I can highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to explore and deepen their relationship to their body, and the peace and freedom that comes with that.

Marcus Jullian Fellcetti


I can not believe at the age of 24 you have helped somebody like me at the age of 54. You are one of the most amazing ladies I have ever met. I can honestly say that I cannot believe how much you have helped me and I am so glad that you have come into my life; I know you will stay in my life for a very long time. You are an inspiration and such a beautiful human being who I believe can help any one. My times with you as a health coach are beyond belief. I walked away feeling like I could get through anything with your help. Your yoga classes are also fantastic as I come away feeling so calm and relaxed. Thank you Nicola.

Jo Hammond

Yoga with Nicola is awesome. I always leave the class feeling better then beforehand, this can be both physically and spiritually, whatever you need at that moment. Nicola’s yoga classes have given me an increased awareness of my physical body and have also reduced the stresses placed on it by my 9-5 job. I really look forward to her classes each week and would recommend her to any one.

Jordan Owen

I started Yoga with Nicola a week before the YIN YOGA series and loved it from the minute I stepped into her peaceful sanctuary. I felt a sense of relief, release and like a weight had suddenly dropped off me – the energy in the room was amazing. I feel I have found a new love. Yoga – and Nicola! I truly encourage you all to go and try one of Nicola’s yoga classes. It has changed my perspective entirely on the practice of Yoga and life ways. Nicola is an inspiration. For a young, gorgeous woman that she is, her words and wisdom are so inspirational and it reflects on the way she carries this to her practice. I am a believer.

Tanya Donaldson

We were delighted to have Nicola come to our corporate office to run a yoga session for our staff here on their lunch break. We had beginners to experienced yoga attendees and Nicola catered the session to each and every one of their needs. Nicola demonstrates a very cool, calm, relaxed, enjoyable and enthusiastic approach to Yoga like I have never seen before, you can certainly tell she LOVES what she does as her energy & warmth spreads through the room. We are now looking into ongoing sessions due to all staff who participated thoroughly enjoying the session she ran

Sophie Williams