Suffering Is A Choice You Make

Let me remind you that suffering is a choice. You decide in every circumstance if you wish to play victim , dwell in the “why me” and blame a higher power for delivering such pain your way. OR you can swallow it whole, feel into the emotions , the uncomfortable feels and finally reach the acceptance that this was meant to be.

You see if life just went swimmingly and perfectly for everyone then we would have no depth, we would not fully grow as human beings and we would take for granted all the good amazing things that come our way.

I can understand that some pain, heart ache, loss and diagnosis may be worse than an others and if your currently experiencing the heaviness of a growing pain I send you waves of love and strength. Let me ask you this…. what good is going to come from you staying stuck, beating yourself up and playing victim? Absolutely NOTHING!! Instead thank god, the universe , what ever you may call it because it here to teach you a lesson and so simply take it in your stride and continue on your path of being awesome.

I love sharing you flash backs of my own growing pains time line but it’s how I share my biggest strength and quality “resilience”. May last year I experienced my first and most life threatening Manic Psychosis episode that was triggered from jet lag post honey moon (lack of sleep is dangerous for people who have bipolar). I lost someone that meant the world to me, I had to digest the fact that I had a serious mental illness that won’t go away , I felt completely alone and afraid, I put my business on hold and I was scared for the future. You see I could of stayed stuck binging on peanut butter and crying over everything … and I did for a short time. But then my own inner light knew I needed to get to work and so I looked after myself first and set new goals, I started my yoga classes back and held a x2 sold out retreats since , I attracted the most loyal and loving friendships and held a night of light mental health talk with over 160+ people spreading the love for a cause so close to my heart, and now I’m here in Italy thanking myself for not being the victim.

So I want to remind you once more that you have a choice to be the victim or to be your very own super hero and despite the set backs you continue to show up and be the best version of your self today and every day after. You  are stronger than you will ever know, so give yourself the opportunity to prove it and shine your blinding light.