Rainy Days – Get Inspired- Top 5 Videos To Get You Motivated

The Weather in Sydney today is wet, rainy, cloudy, grey and ever so glorious. I remember i used to associate rainy days as being somber, sad, withdrawn, deflated, unmotivated and just “Blah”. Ever since my days in hospital last year and having to fight through some really dark days, rainy days to me are filled with so much light and love, they remind me that storms pass, that we need to have the dark days so we can appreciate the light.

When it rains I encourage you to look at the beauty instead of the faults. The sound of the rain, the smell of the rain, the colour of the trees and little things like enjoying a cup of tea in doors.

Make todays rainy day your best, most inspiring, most loved up rainy day of all time. I am going to share with you my top 5 inspirational, motivational videos that i like to watch that help me get out of a “bad day” funk and back into my skin and feeling amazing.

“Miracles Now” – Gabrielle Bernstein

Miracles Now – Gabrielle Bernstein

“Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality”- Dr Wayne Dwyer:

Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality -Dr Wayne Dwyer

“The Party Girls Guide to Peace”- Tara Bliss

The Party Girls Guide to Peace

“Claire’s Interview with Carolyne Gowen” – Claire Obeid

Meditation Interview with Claire and Carolyne

“The Path to Wellness” – Melissa Ambrosini 

The Path To Wellness: Melissa Ambosini

So when you feel the pull to un wind and embrace the rain, sit back and relax and get inspired with these juicy soulful videos.