New Moon Ritual – A Time to Manifest

new moon

Want to start a new project, or make a change in your career or really want to manifest what you desire. Well work with the moon energy to help assist you along your journey attracting what you really want. The Moon works in cycles and has many variations but the two main we tend to focus on is the New Moon and the Full Moon. These two moon phases hold different meanings and energy so first we must understand what they symbolise so we can take action!!

Full Moon: The entire moon in its brightest light. The moon is so bright because its position allows it to be completely lit by the sun. During a full moon It is a time to LET GO and truly surrender. This is the time to do less and feel more. Reflect on what is happening in your life and what needs to be shifted. 

New Moon: The alignment of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth, leaves the side of the Moon that faces Earth in complete darkness so you can not visibly see the moon in the night sky. This is a time for manifesting new ideas and opportunities and attracting what you desire.  

A random and fun fact about me is , that I was born on a New Moon and I have a deep connecting to the moon that I have the moon variation tattooed on the right side of my rib cage. Do you ever get emotionally linked to the moon cycle?

You can sometimes feel:

– Highly Strung

– Full of energy 

– Anxious 

– Tired / Flat

– Highly Sensitive

– Sleepless Nights

– Super Inspired

I remember being at school in year 12 and it was a full moon and all of the students were going a bit loopy and a few of my girl friends mentioned they couldn’t sleep the night before. Then the teacher made a comment “your all acting crazy, is it a full moon?” I was nodding and she smiled and said “ahhh makes sense then”. Also as a yoga teacher and coach i open myself up as a vessel for people to reach out to me for support. Every time the full moon rolls around I get a lot of messages with feelings of sudden sadness, depression and anxiety. I simply say… give it a week the moon is full the energy is heightened go easy on yourself. Same with a New Moon, its the time when so much life is happening and my yoga classes are always so full as people want to get out into the world and socialise and connect in with them self.




Step 1: Create a Sacred Space

Gather your crystals, candles, a fresh flower, light some incense or pop on your defuser and press play to some soulful music (find me on spotify Nicola Madden and listen to my Sleepy Yin or Powerful Meditations Plpaylist) 

Step 2: Clear Your Energy

If you have sage the safe the space and yourself , gliding the sage stick around your body and lingering in areas that may need extra clearing.

Step 3: Ground Your Self

Eye closed and come cross legged on the ground. Visualising roots forming from the earth down into your sitting bones. Imagine a white healing light entering through the crown of the head and down into the base chakra located at the root of your spine. With your eyes closed continue this visualisation for 10 slow breathes. When you are finished rub your hand together creating warming into the finger tips and tap into your third eye chakra the space between your eyes brows. Let go of the ego and any inner chatter that no longer serves a purpose and slowly remove your hands and open your eyes.

Step 4: Set In Your Intention  

Setting an intention for the purpose of the ritual and the next New Moon cycle is important as it brings purpose and meaning to what you want to manifest. An intention is not a goal but more of a feeling. For example “My intention is to be open to receiving new opportunities in a peaceful way”.

Step 5: Free Write Your Manifestations 

Give yourself time and space to write with out judgment and be 100% limitless as your put pen to paper about what you want  in life. Think big picture, relationships, career , health, spirituality , home life, abundance and the list goes on. Do NOT second guess yourself or play small as you are just creating a blockage to getting what you really want.

Step 6: Grow Your Manifestations 

On a small piece of paper write down 3 “magical future moments” these are three manifestations that you want to happen. Write them so they are in the present moment , example “I have just landed my dream job in…”. Then fold your paper and plant it in soil by a tree that you are connected to or purchase a plant to keep and watch your manifestations grow. When we send stuff to the earth , its a sign that we are ready to grow and that we are planting new seeds of change.

Step 7: Celebrate

The hard work is done and now you get to surrender to the outcome and let the universe so her thing as she works along side you to attract those seeds of manifestations. So celebrate in the knowing that what you want is on its way to you. Choose your favourite dance hit and move your body, dance, jump shake and SMILE. Acknowledge yourself and your personal growth , your are a super soul rock star.

You can do this ritual along or with a close friend or a small group. Enjoy the beauty of the New Moon Energy. 

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