My Number 1 Rule In Life And in Business

Two years ago i was sitting by Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, all alone with a the book “Power of Intentions” By Dr Wayne Dwyer. This was at the start of my spiritual awakening, and around the time of when i decided to quit my job and embark on my own business. Oh man did i have fear in that moment and i remember thinking to myself universe just give me a sign, a message that i can hold onto as a constant reminder through out my journey in business and in life.

All of a sudden a gust of frosty wind blew and opened the pages of the book and it read “don’t forget rule number 6”. I was thinking to myself what is rule number six and maybe this rule is what i need to hear in this moment so i decided to read ahead. Now i no longer have this book so i can not remember word for word but i will give you the general gist of the fiction scenario

Rule Number Six …

” The president of America was having a discussion with the Australian president in the office. Frantically a woman walks in complaining, and in a complete mess, talking so fast and on the edge of a break down. Calmly the US president says ” remember rule number 6″ and all of a sudden the woman became instantly calm and at peace and quietly left the room. They continued their meeting and then yet again another worker this time a man came in blowing up with a sense of rage and frustration. The US president again said “don’t forget rule number 6” once again the man became still and at peace and calmly walks out of the office. the Australian president is in total shock and ask “what the hell is rule number 6?” the US president explains that rule number is “stop taking yourself so god damn seriously”. They both laughed and then the Australian president asks “so what are all the other rules?” and he replies “there are no other rules”.

My Number 1 Rule: “Stop Taking Yourself So God Damn Seriously” 

its so simple and yet so incredibly powerful as it brings you instantly back down to earth and with a single exhale the shoulders creep back down from being so tense and tight and its like you can breathe again.

Tips on Shifting the Seriousness:

  • Listen to some RNB, Hip Hop, Beyonce
  • Affirmations: “I choose to release this feeling”
  • Sing out lout, at home, in the car, in the shower
  • Dance, jump, skip, spin around
  • Watch a funny movie, or youtube your favourite comedian
  • Get NAKED, embrace your naked body while doing all of the above 😉

But In All Seriousness Why So Serious? 

I always think that when its my time to leave this beautiful earthly body and pass over am i really going to care if i didn’t make it on time to my meeting, or if my yoga class didn’t fill up? Probably not, what i will remember is all the FUn all the memories, the laughter and the lessons.

Sh*#t happens, stress is apart of life, however we choose to suffer or we can choose to rise up and leave those feelings behind. What good is going to come from being serious? If you want your life and your business to overflow with abundance and with love then EXPAND THE JOY and CROWN OUT THE SERIOUS !!

Expand JOY:

In all that you do make sure your having fun, joyfully serve and in return you will life one happy fulfilling life. Replace joy with fear, replace joy with stress, replace joy with the icky stuck feelings that arise. When we expand our joy only good follows.


So my lovely, lets take a step back and remind our self to “STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO GOD DAMN SERIOUSLY”, our life is to be enjoyed and celebrated so stop wasting it away. 


Nicola xo