Mind Body Stroll Event 2015

“I had a dream 3 years ago, to bring people together and show them that living a healthy life can be fun. It was a dream that turned much bigger and as a result we created a movement…”

Enjoying the Ride…

Life has been an incredible journey so far, 9 months ago i was in a place that iy was hard to see any sort of light. I started listening to my own advise, to what my body wanted and in doing so i helped my self and others become unstuck.

The Mind Body Stroll Event has evolved in to so much more than just a wellness event. If you came on Saturday you would of experienced the magical energy that filled the room as we all came together to raise money for Beyond Blue.

The last two years putting this event on i was riddled with fear, anxiety and so scared of the judgment i may get from guests. This year after being in such a low months back i decided that i am going to make this ride so enjoyable.

I had loads of Support and Love !! From my man and my soul mate who sat with me emailing sponsors and packing the car to my amazing family and friends who gave me hugs and celebrated each high.

The day before i even squeezed in a nap, last years i remeber i was cured up in the car in Surry Hills crying to my yoga teacher about how i just can not go through with it, WOW how things have changed.

Together we Make a Change…

Thank you to my sponsors for making the event a HIT!! Together we raised: $1,430 for Beyond Blue.

Sponsors Include: F45, SUP Cronulla, Zaliah, IME Perfumes, H2coco, Asisa Hair, Bliss Day Spa, Seeking Balance, Kamuka Active, Puretopia, Bondi Sands, Maddie Page, Awaken Crystals, Linda Burke, The Iconic, Atmos&here, Roc Boots, Tiny Tea, Power Super Foods, Freedom Foods, Black Pantry, Rexona, Nicole Renee, Hypoxi Cronulla, Cronulla Pie Shop.

Here are some Memories of the Event. I have so much LOVE for all who came…