Meditation for Beginners – 3 easy steps to get you on your way to your inner Zen

“The quieter you become the more you can hear”

Meditation is the key to inner peace and can be the difference from having a radical day or a crappy day. Even just a 5-minute meditation can get you on your way to feeling internally happy and clear minded.

However mediation can be tricky for those who are just on their “L” plates. You think about meditation and say to your self, “ Really how hard can sitting in silence be” until you decide to try and then the inner monolog goes a little like this…

You: “Ok here I am, eyes closed and sitting down, this isn’t to hard”

You: “OMG I have to go feed the dog and text my friend like right this second”

You: “No no no, shut up brain I am meant to be all tranquil and zen like”

You: “How long have I been sitting here it feels like an hour”

You: “This is just not working out I got a tone of things I need to do”

You: “totally just meditated like an Indian monk ”

Open your eyes and look at the time…

You: “Holy shit, it’s only been 1 minute”

Ok so if you have attempted to meditate and feel it was a fail, do not get disheartened. These things take time, practice and patients and trust me in the long run you will have huge health benefits from your daily mediation practice.

3 Easy Steps To Meditate For Beginners:

  1. Meditate first thing in the morning:

Set your alarm 10 minutes before you usually wake up, do what you urgently need to do like go to the bathroom and then find a space to meditate.

When we awaken in the morning what we do first is so crucial as it sets us up for the rest of our day. When our eyelids open we are in this state of not full consciousness, this is where our creativity lies and our minds are open as we are in a dream like state. Meditating in the morning is the best time for beginners as our minds are already rather quiet and our internal chatter hasn’t yet started racing on the hamster wheel.

“when you quiet the mind the soul will speak”


  1. Focus on The 4.4.4 Breathing Technique:

The breath is such an important factor when we meditate; it’s the center focus of our inner stillness and keeps our heart beating, and mind at ease. When you breathe fast you think fast thoughts and your mind can race, if you slow down the breathing you can slow down your heart rate and your internal thoughts are more calm and more at peace.

My clients are often first time meditators and I give them this breathing technique that helps them slow down. They all have said its been the best advise ever, they not only use this breathing technique when they meditate but also when they are riddled with anxiety, stressed or having trouble getting to sleep. It is super simple, easy and you can nail it in no time.

  • Sit comfortably upright, palms facing up so you are allowing positive light energy to enter your body.
  • You can either have you thumb and index finger together arms straight by your side resting on your knee caps
  • Or have your right hand on your belly, left hand on your heart
  • Inhale for 4 seconds, counting internally nice and slowly, notice your right hand riseHold for 4 seconds, again count internally this time notice your heart beat into your left hand
  • Exhale for 4 seconds, notice your right hand slowly pull back into your spine and image your whole body melting into the mat

It really is that simple. Inhale 4, Hold 4, Exhale 4 and repeat. For beginners I say repeat it up to 20 times, then next mediation try for 30 times, then 40, then 50 and see how long you can take it. When you focus on the breath you are letting the mind come back to the present moment, you’re able to control your thoughts and quiet all the control and urgency inside.


  1. Meditate on a word or an affirmation:

When you are starting out mediating and you aren’t used to being in complete solitude then it can be really daunting and uncomfortable being so quiet with your own mind. This is totally ok and its normal, I felt the exact same, as my creative brain would chatter 100 miles an hour. But I started to learn this technique that I still use to this very day when I meditate.

Focus on a word that you want to incorporate into your day, life, week, month or year. For example here are some great words.

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Grace
  • Freedom

When you have mastered the 4.4.4 breath then you can move on to focusing your attention with a single word. This also helps your brain to focus and be in the moment and it also helps manifest positivity into your day.

“I Inhale LOVE, I Exhale LOVE”

“I Inhale Joy, I Exhale Joy”

You can also meditate on an affirmation. What is an affirmation? It is a short powerful sentence that when repeated internally in the correct headspace will then help to manifest and create your reality.

How to make your own affirmation is simple, you first set an intention and ask yourself, “how do I want my day to pan out?” you could say, “I want my day to be filled with new opportunities and that I find time for joy”. Here are some of my favorite affirmations.

  • “I am a limitless being, all good things flow into my life with ease and grace”
  • “I allow myself to come back to its natural state of good health”
  • “I am in harmony with all people, places and things that surround me in this world. I am at peace”
  • “I am the light”
  • “I love and approve of myself”

So next time you meditate focus on an affirmation that feels true to you and say it internally with conviction that the words you speak will attract into your life.


Go Easy on Yourself…

Be playful and ease into your meditation practice, if it doesn’t work out like how you planned the first time, accept it and try again. No meditation is a bad meditation so just let it be. Surrender to all control and try the above easy 3 steps to help you become more Zen and find your center.