I am here to be of service through my essence of love and joy. It is time to heal this earth by healing ourself first and the time is now!


I am a powerful speaker talking about dark topics in a light way. I am here to deliver divine guided messages through spirit and source and to be the example for change to happen in this world. My message is crystal clean and that is that we will all at one stage in our life go through human suffering and its what we do with those growing pains that will either make us hit rock bottom or we can rock it into a place of deep personal growth and transformation.

I speak from the heart and through source and I also make sure the audience has a lot of fun along the way as we sing, dance and allow ourself to fully express. I have a voice and I choose to use it to my fullest potential. If you  feel the pull to book me for your upcoming event I would be thrilled to share my voice with your community. 


Speaking Testimonial

Nicola’s presence in a room is powerful. Nicola radiates love and light, you can feel her passion and her authenticity in the way she shows up so vulnerably on a stage in front of a sea of faces. Our audience could not get enough of her infectious energy, they way she injected light and shade throughout her whole presentation, the tears, the laughs, the dancing – Nicola is the whole package when it comes to being a speaker in the health and wellness space. Nicola absolutely nailed every core message we asked her to address, adding her unique flavour in her delivery. The way she speaks her truth, the dialogue she uses to convey her message in a way that resonates for every person in the room is a craft you can tell she has honed through her wealth of experience. She made us so proud!

Stevie & Tay
Creators of “Wellness Out West” Workshops.

Coaching Packages

wThe Dalai Lama once said “the world will be saved by the Western Women” as a response to this I put my hand up and took the plunge to do the work on myself first, I believe you can only lead people how far you have lead yourself. I have spent years doing the inner work and being the embodiment of the learnings and lessons , as a result It is my birthright to lead in this way and be the permission slip for those to step up and work with me.

I coach women in business how to step up and become an unstoppable leader in their field. I work closely with women who have all of the ideas but need that extra guidance to make a bigger impact in the work they do in the world. I encourage women to step up and completely own their feminine power and to balance the masculine and feminine energy so we prevent the burn out and use our skills and inner divine light to the fullest potential. 

I have x 3 packages – 5 weeks, 3 or 6 month programs.

If you are interested in learning more about the packages lets arrange a 15 min discovery call. 

Every clients is different and programs are tailored to the individuals needs. We go through; 

  • Decoding your limiting beliefs and fears that is stopping you achieve your goals 
  • Tap into your feminine powers and call forward your inner queen
  • Heal your relationships and the relationship with yourself 
  • Business breakdowns on what is working and what needs to be shifter
  • Gaining clarity on your why and intentions so you attract in what you do want
  • Implementing daily habits and routines to get you into alignment 
  • Money mindset training 
  • Learn how to be a powerful manifestation queen.  

Corporate Bookings

Bring in some good energy into the workplace and book in a corporate yoga class or wellness seminar/ workshop. See the amazing benefits of what yoga and practical holistic tools can bring to the work place. From less sick days, to a decrease in stress, increased productivity and happy team members.

Seminars/Workshops: Creating discussion to help promote healthy work life balance. Touching on how to overcome stress and anxiety and create a discussion to address mental illness, how to increase motivation and work towards goals with intention and tips and techniques on how to live a life of balance through mind , body and spirit connection.