Only through love can we truly heal, let me help guide you home sister …

Intuitive Healing

I’ve been offering intuitive healing sessions over the last 5 years and have recently shifted to serve in direct alignment with God/Love and working with the Holy Spirit.

My intention is to provide up to 2 hours of pure surrender and to be in deep receivership of love while we attune your energetic field.

This form of Healing is effortless, easy and light as I work with the Holy Spirit to heal in profound ways. Without naming energy as good or bad , I simply transmute what not longer serves you back into light and all you do is relax and melt into the massage table.

What’s Included:

✨ Massage Touch Therapy

✨ Energetic Attunments 

✨ X2 Healy Frequency Programs

✨ Powerful Prayer

✨ Therapeutic Oils for Emotional / Protection Support

✨ Sound Healing

✨ Facial Massage with Oils & Jade Roller

Each session is intuitively guided to fit to your unique body & energetic field and what you need in the moment.

These sessions are 1.5 hours however I suggest 2 hours to carve out in your day as I do go into flow state and enjoy taking my time.

I also offer an additional package that includes a few extras:

✨ Aura Scan

✨ Resonance Scan 

✨Personalised Frequency

✨Your own personalised roller blend of oils to support you post session.

I honestly love serving in this way and giving the gift of love and healing to those who need it at this time. I have noticed such a shift in my healing sessions since working with the Holy Spirit it is such a beautiful gift you can give to yourself… the gift of healing.

I am currently taking clients in Byron Bay so if you are in the area or travelling past on holidays be sure to reach out to carve out a time for a session with me.

Look forward to loving on you.

Book In: 

Message: 0420559272


Heart to Heart Mentoring 

I want to be a guide for you to come home to your truth. I have walked my own path and unraveled my own life lessons along my path giving myself the ability to hold you through your own journey with out judgment or the hustle in the healing. Together we create a safe container to peacefully make peace with your past and build a solid foundation for your future self. 


  • Finding your life purpose
  • Self confidence & self love
  • Navigating Mental Balance 
  • Being Authentically You 
  • Nurturing your relationship with God 
  • Self Expression 
  • Money & Abundance 
  • Living in Alignment 
  • Routines & Habits 
  • Forgivness
  • Sister wounds 
  • Healing from trauma 

The Heart to Heart mentorship is through application only , please email : to enquire 

Naturally You Community

Welcome sister to a community where you can be naturally you…

Arms are wide open to embrace those who too are longing for community, a digital co working space to interweave magic and co create with like minded souls. To receive free offerings from yoga classes, meditations, rituals, routines and workshops while incorporating the oils to enhance your practice.

We also are sharing our DIY oils blend recipes, natural beauty hacks and an array of resources to make you feel equiped to use these potent plant medicines.

These gifts, offerings and resources are offered for a life time, you also receive …


🌼A Young Living premium starter kit with 12 of the best essential oils, Thieves Spray & Thieves Hand Sanitiser


🌼 Dessert Mist Oil Diffuser


🌼 Membership to the Thrive Tribe


🌼 Naturally You Community


🌼 & Your own mentor

This beautiful offering is only $267 AUD. It’s seriously so much value you receive for such a generous exchange.

If you feel the pull to join us then leave me an email or click the button bellow.