Intention Settings Vs New Year Resolutions

Why set intentions in the new year rather than making a list of resolutions?

Setting intentions rather than resolutions in the New Year injects a huge dose of positive emotion and motivation into your desires and brings them to life. Every day your New Years intentions brings you back to the present moment and keeps you  on the path to achieving what you desire. A resolution can be so far fetched, unrealistic and most of the time unachievable. We tend to set resolutions and all we see is the bigger picture and a lot of the time these are ego based desires “I want to loose 10Kgs” … “I want to get a pay rise” … “I want to find a partner”. There is so much that we want but we are coming from the wrong angle as we need to ask WHY we want what we desire, when you establish the “why” then you find your true intention and it becomes a way of living and not a daunting unachievable goals. 

What’s the difference between resolutions and intentions? 

Resolutions are the external work and Intentions is the Internal work.

A Resolution is a specific goal or desired out come and with it comes expectations and results , usually around trying to break an old habit or starting a new habit.

An Intention is a declaration on how we want to FEEL and it does not hold us down to a specific outcome, its is adaptable in our day to day lives as the intention is less about a goal but more about the journey. 

Where do resolutions limit us or hold us back?

A lot of the time resolutions are set goal, coming from a place of lack. This is a negative and low vibration and if we don’t reach what we truly want we tend to feel guilty and shameful. A resolution is a specific goal and outcome and what needs to happen to achieve it is we need to do the hard work, we need to break the habit, we need to be consistent and what blocks us from reaching our resolutions is our own self belief and internal frame of mind. We get so used to our own conditions and our accountability goes out the door.

What’s the upside to setting intentions? How can they help us grow? 

Intentions create internal shift within they help us become more mindful and present in our every day to day lives. By changing the state of our mind it directly influences our external reality, we begin to be happier, more vibrant, full of love and as a result quantum physics kicks in and we start to attract what we desire steaming from a single conscious thought. 

How can we set meaningful intentions? Is there a guide or steps we should follow? 

Step 1. Get Crystal Clear on your goal and WHY you want to achieve this.

 Eg “I want to loose 10kgs and get fit and healthy as I can fit into my old jeans and look and feel great.”

Step 2. Inject the FEELING. Simply list feeling based words that would describe the goal 

. e.g happy , healthy, worthy, grateful, excited, vibrant, energised, nourished, peaceful, confident, strong.

Step 3. Turn the feelings into Intentions….

“Today I move my body with love”

“I practice self care by eating nourishing foods”

“I am energised as I jump into my day” 

“ I feel strong and vibrant”

“ Today I am grateful for my body” 

Tip: Set in your intention every day, the moment you open your eyes just take time to reflect on how you want to feel that day and what is one word that you want to cultivate and call in and then simply surrender any expectations and go about your day with the conscious reminder of your intention. 

What are some tips for ensuring that we act on our intentions? 

– Set a reminder on your phone once or multiple times through out the day.

– Get a support network, either your partner, family member of friend and each morning ask them what there intention is for the new day.

– pop it on a post it note on your fridge, your car or in your office 

– Get visual and create a vision board with a list of your intentions for the new year, make it colour and infuse the love in, leave it in your room or office and your subconscious mind will absorb all its beauty for the next 12 months. 

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