How to Overcome Negative Situations

During our time on Earth, were going to experience many negative situations, environments, and people, and within these moments we become tested, and often times we crack. So here are some tips on how to overcome and grow from these moments.

1. Ask yourself, what would peace do?
In every moment, we have the choice where we can react, and by reacting we are adding fuel to the fire. So before you react, ask yourself, is this going to help the situation and is this reaction going to serve me and bring me joy? If the answer is no, then ask this question… What would peace do?

2. Remember, the other person IS you.
Every single individual on Earth, including you and me have our own struggles and limiting beliefs. We are all just trying to do our best with our time here on Earth. What people are reflecting out into the world is what already lies within them. So if you notice people reflecting anger and negative vibrations that is because it is within them. So we need to show compassion and remind ourselves that the other person is you.

3. No one can dictate your internal condition.
Only you are the one that has full power over how you feel. No one can effect you in a negative way, unless YOU allow it.

4. Every negative experience is an assignment for you to learn and grow from!
The relationships that test us the greatest are the ones that we learn the most from. Every time you experience a negative situation, witness what are you learning from this experience, and honour this lesson of growth.