Growing Pains of Life

Every time you feel the aching pain with in your chest just remember …you are growing.

Every time you feel the uncomfortable fear that is before you just remember…you are growing.

Every loss and every tragedy that shakes you down to your core, just remember …you are growing.

Every time you want to give up, break down and burst into tears just remember … you are growing.

Every time you are told “NO” or your are not ready yet, just remember … you are growing.

Every time a tear falls down your check and hits your lips, just remember … you are growing. 

Every time you say yes to your intuition, just remember … you are growing. 

We like to think that when it rains it pours, 

that sometimes life brings us onto our all fours, 

but what if the rain is our element that makes us grow, 

Would we tell that rain “do not stop, continue the flow”, 

What if this was a miracle, your saving grace?

would you stop playing victim and give up the cat and mouse chase? 

And with a passing storm the sun will shine again, 

All the hurt, aches and heaviness will flush down the drain.

Its so scary to bring up what you do not want to feel, 

But as it to rises from the depths of our hearts we allow ourself to heal,

You are learning new ways to be who you truly are,

And you will look back on this memory and it will seem so far, 

Its time to get uncomfortable now as its the only way to grow,

No safety nets here just an intuition you must follow…. 

Poem by Nicola Ayres 


Its so easy to fall victim to our lives and throw in the towel but like what AlbertEinstein said …

“There are only two ways of looking at our life, one is though nothing is a miracle, the other is that every thing is a miracle”

So when you feel that you are in the eye of the storm and that absolutely  every thing is crumbling down around you, maybe its just your growing pains kicking in reminding you that you must get uncomfortable if you going to fully grow and make it out this storm alive.

I have been felt the full pull of yucky and painful growing pains, I have shared on my YouTube channel, but when i look back to that time in my life, it actually is the best time in my life. It taught me so much then my 15 years schooling and college education and gave me some serious life cred!!

So what ever pain you are going through, a break up, a loss or a change in your path, just know that you are learning so much and this to shall pass.

Go out and get wet, embrace the storm and be open to experiencing miracles along the way.

So Much LOVE and LIGHT ,

Nicola x