Can you hold yourself entirely ? whole or broken , in your Brittany or Beyoncé, in the magic and even more so in the mess? Can you wrap your arms around yourself and feel your own touch and just for a moment embrace all of you and the journey you have walked to be here …because you really don’t give yourself enough credit for your resilience , strength and daily commitment to keep pushing through.

Can you hold yourself through the heart break and the tears and the loss and instead of outsourcing a mask to numb your pain you feel into it and cradle the pain like you would a small child and transmute that pain into love frequency , healing every cell of your body and nervous system.

Holding on to yourself like you would squeeze your best friend who is hurting. Be your own best friend for LIFE, because you have a life sentence with this spirit, this soul, this fleshy body so PLEASE make peace and hold yourself in all of it.

Stop holding onto things, people and old stories that do not serve you and start choosing you. It’s really that simple but the action is where the magic happens. Daily commitment to loving, holding and honouring yourself no mater what.

Who’s with me???