About Nicola

About Nicola

Hi I am Nicola Ayres, I am a daughter of The Highest. I am  here walking along side you on this earth asking God to use me to my fullest potential . I am not here to pedestal myself or to create more separation from love , I am here to serve in a way that brings me joy while allowing myself to be filled with the Holy Spirit so i can give  from the infinite well to those who need a little extra love and guidance at challenging times. 

For the last 8 years I have been serving as a life coach, womens business coach , running international yoga retreats, ecstatic dance events and offering an array of healing modalities. 

I have recently moved from new age spirituality and journeyed back home to love , being completely charged in the light of the Lord. This has been a long homecoming and the path was not easy but after encountering profound events and experiencing a deliverance through the Holy Spirit I knew this was how i wanted to lead and be of impact.

I have a fire in my belly and I am ready to serve those who are wanting genuine guidance , support and healing at this time. I am now mentoring over coaching as I feel “you cant hustle healing” and dropping the hierarchy  of leadership and allowing myself to meet you where you are at and hold you through lifes ups and downs as we strengthen your own foundation and create life affirming ways to live in alignment to your values. 

A little bit about me is I am a triple aquarian that is born on valentines day , I am a self projecting projector (human design) and a little bit obsessed with avocado & hula hooping on the beach.

Some of my life credentials that have shaped me BUT have not owned me is… I have moved through a mental illness diagnosis and despite the limitations put on me I am now living a vibrant , enriched life beyond my wildest dreams. I am so passionate about suicide prevention and speaking up on ALL mental illnesses to break the stigma and create more open loving conversations with others. 

Another growing pain of mine that I have tried to back space multiple times is the art of loving & letting go. Loving someone with out attachment has been a huge lesson in my life after moving through a divorce with my former husband. Not only the loss of a loved one but the grief of losing friendships and how to rebuild yourself through challenging times.

I share this to simply show a piece of my human , that through humility and getting a little bit vulnerable it may connect me to you. You may feel me or see yourself in me and that sharing these pain points might be the perfect catalyst to start a conversation and know that you do not need to walk this path alone. 

I have signed of instagram until 2021 (or maybe entirely) , I am getting a strong message from God to rest, the go get my hands dirty in service and be present with people. I am trusting that those who read this may answer the call and together we can grow to new heights. 

The whispers became a loud roar from God to drop everything that I clinged too and after 8 years I am starting again. I am solely moving from trust and faith and having a deep belief that I am guided and supported through this time. 

So if you feel like starting a conversation , drop me an email. If you want to have 1-1 mentoring or book in an in person healing session then do not delay or procrastinate as right now is the best timing to say yes to honouring your own whispers. 

I love you, I wish you well. I look forward to hearing a little bit about you. 

Love Nicola Ayres x