About Nicola

About Nicola

The time is now to answer the call to heal the earth that is dying a slow death from our wars and destructive patterns that has been created from the hate,judgment and fear planted within us. To heal the world we must heal ourselves and learn how to rebuild a new life from a place of love. The time is now…

Hi, I am Nicola Ayres. My ego is itching to tell you all about my credentials, my biggest successes in business over the last six years of running retreats, gracing stages, coaching clients and holding sold out events. But my ego needs to take a back seat because my soul , my spirit and my essence needs to roar through these words so you feel me!!

When I place my hand on my heart it rings so clear for me that I am the embodiment of love and joy and through these two driving forces I transmute this energy through various services and offerings and embody every single teaching before I share with another. I am not someone who just knows stuff, I have been through depths of the muddy waters and had to choose love over and over again. Through constant choosing of myself over fear and wounds that came into this world since birth and many life times before, I have chosen to heal life times with in me and still am to this day. As a result I can walk the talk and shine the brightest light on some of the darkest topics in the room. I am not here to fix you, or judge you but what I do want is to inspire the masses to grow and with growing comes pain and I am the permission slip for those who are ready to answer the call to healing life times with in them to dive in and choose themselves. 

I am a speaker , my mission is to grace hundreds of stages in this life time and be a messenger to talk about dark topics in a light and empowering way. How mental illness can be the catalyst for spiritual growth and enlightenment and how it has been my biggest super power and has shaped who I am today, how human suffering can be healed with deep forgiveness of self and others, how judgment, fear and pain is inevitable in this life time but we get to choose how to rock it or hit rock bottom and most importantly it is my duty of service to encourage this deep healing as a catalyst for more people to get over themselevs and live their best life and share the message on their hearts, to be their self unapologetically , to start that Idea and to not die with the gift within them because the world need your light!!

I am a coach for women who are ready to answer the calling to their souls mission or maybe they already have and they need some extra fuel to the fire, I help women strip away from the chains that are holding them back in their life and business and together we navigate you to live out your legacy, your passion project, your soul mission from an empowering place. I want to encourage all women to unleash their inner queen, to own their power as a strong female on a mission and who can be soft, sensual and sexy along the way. Because ladies we really do get to have it all.

I am a retreat facilitator and its my unique talent to bring like minded souls together , I am like the soul sister match maker as the amount of friendships I have birthed from running these retreats over the last 5 years has been incredible. My retreats are taking a new direction as I am in deep reverence to the healing modality of dance . Long story short self expression saved my life and your body language is even more transformational than just the words we speak. We are conditioned to move with so much structure and when we are low our bodies respond by contracting. I love to move freely and create judgment free spaces to guide others through this right of passage back to their hearts and awaken their spirit on the journey. This is NOT a dance party, this is NOT an ecstatic dance , this is NOT a dance lesson , this is a remembrance of how to move again, how to feel again and how to transform through the music, the rolling, the cracking, the screaming, the laughing, the crying, the twerking and the shaking. Its beautiful and messy and probably nothing you will ever imagine but all I know is that it will change your life and the way you move forever.

What lead me on this path has been multiple life altering growing pains from sexual abuse, mental illness, overcoming self worth and personal judgment, multiple health scares from SIDS, celiac disease a heart operation and what about that time I “accidentally” tried to commit suicide and being fed the victim mindset from birth. I have had to learn each lesson and do my own spiritual and energetic upgrades before I could teach, speak and lead in these areas. I am grateful for this path because it has lead me to where I am today and the resilience within me to stand up and be strong and never give up is my ultimate super power. It has not been easy but I would not change it for the world. Its time we choose to do the work on ourself, its time we say yes growing through the muddy waters.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. 

NIcola Ayres xo


“I am not here to create followers, I am here to create leaders.”

My intention is for those who read this and join me, I want you to lead not follow. I want to shake you up like a snow globe and watch your sparkle run wild on this planet . I want you to follow your intuition even when it does not make sense. I want you to say YES to living an authentic life as you go for your dreams. I want you to honour your self through mind body and spirit and be an advocate for self love by being an example of it first. I want you to manifest and attract those things beyond your wildest dreams and I want to celebrate, cheer and dance in your achievements. I want you to be the light in someone else’s darkness or even better in your own, you have the power to make it out of any growing pain if you believe and trust the process. I believe in you and your own blinding light. This is your call to action to flick the switch and turn on that light as the world needs you right now!!

“You have a choice. You can continue to neglect your desires. Or you can put your hand on your heart, trust the burning passion that is inside of you, and just start living your dreams whole heartedly.”

My duty as a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Writer is to rise up and show you that underneath all the fears beholds one beautiful shinning light of limitless potential. We are all insanely unique and this universe needs you to RISE up and make the shift in living one juicy ass kicking life. This wellness hub is a safe place to surrender to all control and emerge in the wonders of self-love, health, healing and wellness.

“Your vulnerability is beautiful, let down your guard, open your heart. Its time to step into your truth…”

Fun facts about Nicola

  • Born on Valentines Day 14.02.1991
  • I Was Bourn on a New Moon
  • I am an Aquarian and a Number 9 
  • My “Real” Full name is Nicola Patricia Ruth Helen Ayres (Its a Long One)
  • I am Vegan
  • I am a clairaudient, i hear divine messages from spirit, source , guides and past loved ones
  • I have experienced Astral Healing in my dreams. Its very intense and exhausting
  • Avocados are LIFE , I eat an Avo or 2 a day
  • I love a bit of Gangsta Rap but also love some soul sensual Deya Dova 
  • I am a messenger for the divine to help heal the world through the vibration of joy 
  • My ultimate dream is to organise the worlds biggest flashmob and have Kanye West on the vocals
  • I have been public speaking since the age of 3 and go to sleep at night dreaming of having a microphone in my hand.
  • Favourite flow is Sunflower, seriously happiness in a flower!
  • My family was friends with Mother Teresa. My parents picked her up from Sydney airport and she insisted to help the homeless.
  • I am a best selling author. Channeling messages from past thought leaders and intwined with my own stories of my journey of growing pains. 
  • My spirit guides names are Florence and Miguel. Florence is like my internal love mother guide, her warmth is always present. Miguel is a strong messenger sharing me wisdom from external realms and helping me translate in a modern way, he keeps me grounded and feeds me strength to pursue my mission. 
  • I connect deeper with older people. My Nanna Patti is 96 years young, she was my bridesmaid at my wedding and gives me the permission to be a positive pocket rocket and an absolute beacon of light. 
  • Dancing is a daily non negotiable. I have always been a sober night gal , first one on the dance floor kinda gal
  • I am an old soul and have been told by healers that I have been around for thousands of years (I feel it)
  • I had a heart operation when i was 14 years old
  • The Ocean Is a huge part of my life. I swim/ surf all year round and need to be near the ocean to function and clear my energy.
  • I love to sing, I used to be in a Band and still dreamt o record and album one day. 
  • I am a Light Worker. I have an urgency to get to work .