5 Ways to Embrace Your Authentic Self

My biggest piece of advice I can give you is be unapologetically YOU. Authenticity is a sexy trait and I encourage you to step into your power and embrace all that you are with out any fears or judgments. Our time on this earth is limited and you can not keep up the charade of just “fitting in”.

Here are 5 ways to embrace your Authentic Self.


1. Move From Fear To Love:

We have two choices in life thats living through  FEAR (ego) or we can live through LOVE (intuition). I love what my girl Gabby Bernstien says, “don’t just dance around the perimeter of who you want to be, you got to step fully into it” . Start to notice what you do each and every day. Are you doing it out of fear or are you doing it out of love. You will know because if your doing it out of love your life will be in flow, you will be guided and things will organically unfold around you. You will meet people who align with you and new opportunities will come your way . If you are doing it out of fear then you may be feeling stuck, uncertain, confused, depressed and lacking the drive for life.

Example: You are in a dead end job that pays the bills but does not light you up.

Fear: I am going to stay in the job because it gives me financial security and It would be so embarrassing to be unemployed. – Thats the ego

Love: I have decided that I am going to value myself because i love myself to much to stay unhappy, I am going to find a new job that aligns with my desires – Intuition.


2. Get Clear on What Lights you UP: 

With out any judgement start to jot down in a journal all the things that bring you joy. This could be from animals to chocolate cake and every thing in between. We are all unique beings and in this life time we all serve a purpose in some way, if you are struggling to find your life purpose then just relax and focus on what brings you joy and what lights you up inside and start to make those things a priority and start to share your joy with the world.


3. Farewell the Past:

Letting go of the past and anything that has been holding you back. You can create a mini ritual and write down all that no longer serves you on paper and burn it in the fire or flush it down the toilet. When we hold on to the past we are giving ourself permission to stay in a low vibration and it holds us back. Instead saying thanks to your mistakes and to your old ways of living and get ready to step fully into to your authentic self Beyonce Style 😉


4. Accept & Love Yourself FULLY:

Its time to embrace who your are and accept and love that person unconditionally. Stop comparing yourself and wasting your time with those icky limiting beliefs because what is so special about you that that you are the only you and no one can take that away from you. So make your job in this life time to love that girl (or boy) in the mirror and accept all the flaws all the bumps all the madness and your your god damn self silly.


5. Surround Yourself with a Positive Posy: 

If your transitioning into the person you so desperately want to be and you find that your old friendships no longer serve you as they may not understand your new interests or goals or they may be on a different path to you at the time and that is ok. Its so natural to out grow your friends and in return be open to inviting in new friendships into your life that will hold the space for you to be yourself. Like what they say “Your vibe attracts your tribe” so just be YOU and they Positive Posy will attract your radical energy.


A Story From My 17 Year Old Self …

When I was 17  I went on a date with a boy, my #1 goal was to get the boy to “like me” and not show him how weird I am. At this time I was intertwined with insecurities of not being good enough and I was searching for validation of love by hiding away from my authentic self (a total disaster) . During the date I was agreeing with every thing that he said, for example –

Him: “I HATE all things Choc Mint, its like toothpaste dipped in chocolate … so gross”

Me: “Same YUK , I don’t get why people eat it”

NEWS FLASH!!! I personally LOVE Choc Mint everything, from Ice Cream to Desert Mints I was a total fan, however I was so unsure of myself and insecurities that I decided to morph into a version of myself that i didn’t even know to impress a  silly “boy” . Funny thing is we ended up dating for a few years and I had to hide my Choc Mint binges from him the whole time hahaha !!

So it may take some time so go gentle on yourself and find the things that light you up, move through life with love and leave fear behind and surround yourself with positive energy and take on this life in your own way. Its time ti show up for yourself and step into your authentic self!! 


Love + Light, 


Nicola x x