5 ways I Use Coconut Oil Every Day

Lets all take a moment of silence of the holly grail of Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is my go to beauty product and also my oil for choice when cooking, it has a world of health benefits but ill save that for a later post. Here i am going to share with you how i used coconut oil in 5 different ways every day.


1. Daily Scrub.

The Result: It eliminates the dead skin and the coconut oil is a gentle way to balance out the scrub. You will have fewer black heads and a glowing complexion.

How to do it: I get either a hand full of seasalt and ground it down with some rose water or essence of choice, i then add a table spoon of coconut oil and apply to my face and body. In summer i sometimes use sand and coconut oil. I used to suffer from acne and now using natural exfoliants it helps eliminate the dryness and stops the oil from forming. Its a total winner in my books.


2. Oil Pulling.


The Result: Whiter and brighter teeth that makes you sparkle, it also eliminates the toxins from our mouth, teeth and gums. It helps to regulate the digestive system and this might be TMI but it helps me go to the loo each morning. It helps support healthy oral hygiene and also can stop cause sugar cravings (amen to that).


How to do it: Iv been oil pulling for over a year now, i had sensitive teeth and now they feel stronger and whiter. You take a table spoon of coconut oil, I use H2coco www.h2coconut.com (Taste the best) pop it in your mouth and swish it around for up to 20 mins, you can gargle if you wish but first timers that may be to quick to soon for you as you need to get used to the taste. I usually oil pull in the morning while i am getting dressed or in the shower, because you can not talk its a great way to reflect while doing something good for your health.


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3. In Shower Moisturiser.


The Result: Mega smooth and once again GLOWING skin from head to toe. (Enough Said) 


How to do it: This one comes with a WARNING – Shower and Bathtub can become slippery so give it a rub down with a towel after use or be extra careful. I always keep a jar of coconut oil in the shower, my boy friend thinks i cook in the shower (he thinks i am a little strange). I get a handful of coconut oil and after washing myself with body wash i start to apply the coconut oil to my entire body and face, you can then rinse off your body gently with warm water and you will notice that the oil is still on the skin. Once you dry yourself with the towel the oil as absorbed and just like a moisturiser its keeping the skin hydrated all day long. 


4. Nail Cuticle Care.


The Result: Dry cracked cuticles on the nails become soft and repaired. 


How to do it: wash your hands with warm water, dry well and then apply a small amount to each nail cuticle, rub in and leave or wash off after half an hour. So easy and over time they become full repaired and like baby skin.


5. Shaving. 


The Result: Less ingrown hairs and does not strip the skin as it helps hydrate the body and the sensitive area.



How to do it: I like to run a bath for this one as coconut oil and balancing on one leg can be tricky. Take a table spoon of coconut oil and lather up both legs or shaving area, then shave as normal and wash off. Its as simple as that. You get less redness and smoother finish.