3 Ways to get yourself out of Stressful Situations Peacefully

Lets be completely honest, life can be a little chaotic at times and things don’t always go our way, in fact at times they con go a total different direction that can leave us in a confused head spin and we then get stressed, the anxiety kicks in and we go in to attack mood. This is never a good thing, and it does not help solve any problems reacting in this way.

For example…

  • You get a parking fine, you instantly feel frustrated and want to fight it even though you know you parked in a no stopping zone.
  • Your boss calls you in to tell you that she needs the work done by 3pm and its now 2pm and you are not ready yet.
  • You forgot to hand in an assignment on time
  • You are stuck in traffic and running late for work

In these moment it’s so easy to go into a defensive mode, of “The world is against me”, yet instead we have to realign our thoughts, feelings and actions so we can resolve the situation and make a clear and productive outcome.

“You can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it”

  1. STOP:

The moment a stressful situation comes up just STOP what you are doing and take one big deep breathe in. Some times when we get stressed we constantly want to keep moving and going like we are on a hamster wheel yet that can lead to making more mistakes or getting depleted. So just stop and notice the situation that has come up.

How do you feel? Is it really the end of the world?

Affirm to your self: “I Choose Peace over this”.

  1. Either Make a Change or Accept:

When stressful situations come up we have two options. Ask yourself can this situation be fixed or changed? If it cannot then you must accept it and be ok with the way it is. There is no point stressing, worrying and wishing for a better outcome, if you can not physically alter it yourself then you must accept and drop all the control. The more you hold on to the stress the more it takes over your body. So choose to accept and fully surrender.

  1. Forgive:

Step three is practicing that famous “F” word (Forgiveness). Its more than likely we have stressors in our day to day life and when they do come up we must acknowledge them, once we have done that and either changed the outcome or accepted then we move on to forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for feeling those feelings of anxiety, stress and tension, forgive any other people involved. When you forgive you are saying to the universe “I am open to receiving a happy outcome”

All the peace you ever needed lies within you:

These three conscious steps will help you to navigate through the situation and bring you out into a better outcome. Do not worry about what you can not control and leave it up to the universe that it will do a better job, sometimes we must simply surrender and let it unfold in its own time.

Know that every situation you encounter is a hidden blessing, you are constantly learning, growing and rebirthing every day. Give thanks to these moments of growth and remember. Stop, Accept and Forgive.

Nicola xo