I’ve been offering intuitive healing sessions over the last 5 years and have recently shifted to serve in direct alignment with God/Love and working with the Holy Spirit.

My intention is to provide up to 2 hours of pure surrender and to be in deep receivership of love while we attune your energetic field.

This form of Healing is effortless, easy and light as I work with the Holy Spirit to heal in profound ways. Without naming energy as good or bad , I simply transmute what not longer serves you back into light and all you do is relax and melt into the massage table.

What’s Included:

✨ Massage Touch Therapy

✨ Energetic Attunments 

✨ X2 Healy Frequency Programs

✨ Powerful Prayer

✨ Therapeutic Oils for Emotional / Protection Support

✨ Sound Healing

✨ Facial Massage with Oils & Jade Roller

Each session is intuitively guided to fit to your unique body & energetic field and what you need in the moment.

These sessions are 1.5 hours however I suggest 2 hours to carve out in your day as I do go into flow state and enjoy taking my time.

I also offer an additional package that includes a few extras:

✨ Aura Scan

✨ Resonance Scan 

✨Personalised Frequency

✨Your own personalised roller blend of oils to support you post session.

I honestly love serving in this way and giving the gift of love and healing to those who need it at this time. I have noticed such a shift in my healing sessions since working with the Holy Spirit it is such a beautiful gift you can give to yourself… the gift of healing.

I am currently taking clients in Byron Bay so if you are in the area or travelling past on holidays be sure to reach out to carve out a time for a session with me.

Book in : Text 0420559272 or email contact@nicolaayres.com.au