Nicola Ayres

Nicola Ayres

Hey Sister , first of all take me of the pedestal and into your heart as I am no guru, I am no more worthy then you and I am no more loveable. I am a child of God just like you who has a deep desire to serve where my heart swells. I am grateful for every moment that brought you to this moment being here on my page. Are you ready to come home to love ? 

Arawa Retreats

A womens retreat to lighten the load , to bask in the light of joy and love with other sisters who walk a similar journey. Dancing in the polarity of play and supported healing where you will leave feeling filled to the brim and equiped with tools your future self will thank you for. 

Light Work

Through the essence of love I have intuitively curated offerings that are in alignment with the Holy Spirit to allow effortless & easy healing and restore through the power of light. Intuitive Healing sessions, Heart to Heart mentoring. 

Latest News

Lighten Up Day Retreat – Byron Bay May 21st 2021

Lighten Up Day Retreat – Byron Bay May 21st 2021

Girl ... Its time to Lighten Up and have a little FUN , spark a whole lot of JOY and meet some new friends !! I am super excited to share with you the very first Lighten Up Day Retreat - Friday May 21st 2021 in Byron Bay NSW  !! Starting at 10am and finishing at 6pm ,...

1-1 Intuitive Healing Sessions

1-1 Intuitive Healing Sessions

I’ve been offering intuitive healing sessions over the last 5 years and have recently shifted to serve in direct alignment with God/Love and working with the Holy Spirit. My intention is to provide up to 2 hours of pure surrender and to be in deep receivership of love...


Investing in myself and hiring Nicola as business coach was the best thing i could do for my personal development and business. When i first came to Nicola I was super confused of my life purpose and scared to be seen and fast forward 3 months later I have gained clarity on my business and stepping further out of my comfort zone. I am launching a new program and with her guidance built a strong foundation for my business and I would recommend Nicola to anyone who is looking to put in the action required to get their dreams off the ground.

Lisa Van Dyk  

Hi I am Sam and from Vancouver Canada, I originally did Nicola’s 8 week Align course and it completely transformed me from feeling so lost to having a deep knowing that I want to coach the wild feminine. I joined Nicola 3 month Business Coaching Package and it helped me gain the confidence I needed to turn my vision into reality. Nicola was like a beautiful ray of sunshine that came down and lit up the dark forest i was in. Nicola challenge you to do the inner work and be the embodiment of your message and brand. Nicola knows her stuff because she has been there and done it and she’s been my secret weapon in my business  

Samantha G.

I am so glad the universe lead me to you. Since coaching with you my life has been brighter and fuller and more aligned and on purpose… How MAGIC is that!! The last 6 months working with you has been a beautiful world wind with so much opportunity flowing through. I have never felt more happy and more myself ever and I want to thank you for reigniting this passion within me.


“Nicola Ayres was a pleasure to work with leading up to our AMPLIFY speaking event.On the evening of the event, Nicola came in with the utmost professionalism whilst keeping it real and down to earth and easy.She made the extra effort to meet and greet every person who came in attendance.Nicola’s talk was engaging, clear, interesting, exciting, informative and I am sure gave the women a lot to think about.We especially loved that Nicola gave SO much value to our community.We feel as though the women present walked away feeling like they gained so much from this experience.

The Enlighten Co. Elle Mcbride Ella Worsley 

Speaking Event - Wellness Out West

“Nicola’s presence in a room is powerful. Nicola radiates love and light, you can feel her passion and her authenticity in the way she shows up so vulnerably on a stage in front of a sea of faces. Our audience could not get enough of her infectious energy, they way she injected light and shade throughout her whole presentation, the tears, the laughs, the dancing – Nicola is the whole package when it comes to being a speaker in the health and wellness space. Nicola absolutely nailed every core message we asked her to address, adding her unique flavour in her delivery. The way she speaks her truth, the dialogue she uses to convey her message in a way that resonates for every person in the room is a craft you can tell she has honed through her wealth of experience. She made us so proud!”